Shoot Your Shot As Much As You Can

I was scanning Apple news the other day on my phone, my daily ritual/obsession, and I saw a headline from Buzzfeed that read “I Someday Hope To Be As Smooth As This Woman Who Successfully Slid Into Michael B. Jordan’s DMs“. The bit was about this woman, who like most of us, is obsessed with MBJ, and unlike most of us, she decided to do something about it.

Sylvia Wilson, a 21-year-old student at Temple University, saw that MBJ was shooting a film near her and she decided to DM him for a pic. I’m already gagging over her confidence! This woman slid in this man’s DMs offering to buy him a smoothie and I’ll be damned, he not only accepted, but she didn’t even have to bring him a smoothie! I swear this girl and I could be friends!

As I read about how much fun they both had that day, I thought to myself about some of my girlfriends who are interested in men or a new position or even a new lipstick shade and how they never go for it because of the fear of rejection or the idea that it won’t work out for whatever reason. I’ve even had one girlfriend “joke without joking” about how she thought the white man at the bar was cute, but how he wouldn’t be interested in her, she is a gorgeous black woman who favors Robin Givens, because he probably only likes white blonde women, and then rationalizes by then stating that he probably already has a girlfriend or wife. Girl, the look on my face when she said that!


Not only is it ridiculous to think that way but it’s also destructive to your self-esteem. It’s a very negative way to view your abilities especially when the worst possible thing that could happen is that you don’t get the job, he’s not interested, or that lipstick shade isn’t for you.

It leaves me to wonder why on earth you wouldn’t just say hello? It’s not a commitment, just a gesture of kindness. Or why you wouldn’t just try something new and risk it not working out for the even greater reward of it actually working out? I personally think the chance of the reward is much more significant than the possibility of a no.

What do you guys think? Have you seen an opportunity and didn’t take it because you were too afraid of a no? Comment below, I’m curious to know your take on this!

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Jasmine is a lover of all things fashion, food, and makeup. When she is not writing, she is playing with her Pit baby Rose, or cooking something bomb in the kitchen.

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