Growing and Changing


You know how the story goes, you’re at your high school reunion or a family gathering that you haven’t been to in forever and someone from your not so distant past strikes up a conversation and then out of the blue says “boy, you sure have changed since the last time I saw you.”  This small and minor proclamation has you feeling some kind of a way, but you’re not sure why or even if you should be feeling some type of a way at all.

Change, often confused with growth, is often met with a tinge of negativity and often the people who tell you how much you have changed are people who have not been in your life or those who have never offered anything but negativity in your life in the first place.


I personally think that it is crazy for someone from your past to be surprised that you are not the same at age 30 that you were at age 15… or even 25! There are things that happen in your life, good and bad, that force you to change, hopefully for the better. As you age, you become less tolerant of the meaningless and more appreciative of the wins (no matter how small or how big) and moments that you can’t get back.

As I approach my dirty 30, I look back on my life and reflect on all the ways I have changed and how proud I am of my growth. I have become fiercely protective of me, meaning I do not have time for people and things that have no interest in seeing me be successful. I seek out people who are already successful that I can learn from and I try to align myself with people who, like me, are on the grind to be more and to do more.

I went from being bullied with no friends, changing into someone who was far too aggressive and who became a bully, into someone who was a severely depressed doormat in a toxic relationship, to someone who 100% did not give a fuck, into where I am today and I’m still finding my way.

Change that is reflected in growth is one of the most rewarding cycles in your life. Make sure you are always striving to grow into the best that you can be and when people tell you that you’ve changed, thank them because no one wants to stay the same forever.

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Jasmine is a lover of all things fashion, food, and makeup. When she is not writing, she is playing with her Pit baby Rose, or cooking something bomb in the kitchen.

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